Our Clans!

Planetside 2: Outbreak Gaming

Our Planetside 2 outfit was set up just after the game went into its beta release. We played the game pretty solidly during this time and built up a fairly large outfit. We worked on improving our teamwork during squad/platoon play in this time and everyone that was playing with us had a pretty great time. It's a really fun game to play due to how many players can co-operatively play together at the same time. Even though we got a little burnt out with it and let activity slip we really want to rebuild this outfit and restore it to its former glory.

Spiral Knights: Outbreak Gaming

Our first and oldest MMO guild which was created while the game was still in beta in 2009. After the guild hall update I put a lot of work into recruiting new members with the aim of having a friendly guild which supports and helps each other in their missions and goals, which is open to everyone and which would help new players to become the awesome spiral knights of the future! I think that we are achieving this goal as these many years down the line we continue to sport an active guild roster full of brilliant and lovely players that are only too happy to help each other out. With new members joining everyday and a dedicated and brilliant team of officers this guild remains strong to this day and is a really nice guild to be a part of.

Warframe: Outbreak Gaming

Our Warframe guild is another guild that was originally just opened so that existing community members could all play together and find each other easily but which has recently gotten really popular. Now open to the public and with a sizable team of officers it continues to grow and increase in popularity. Recruiting new members isn't as easy as on other games but yet this doesn't effect activity with handfuls of dedicated players online at any moment in time you are sure to always have someone to run missions with in our guild. Hone those ninja skills with some buddies by joining our Warframe guild today!



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