Running with Rifles is an awesome top down strategic shooter that we discovered while looking for more games that we could all play together. The game is made by Modulaatio Games and is really one of those hidden gems that you find on the Steam store. After a few of us bought the game and started playing it we instantly fell in love with it and decided to create a server of our own so that we could all play together on it. We have got endless hours of entertainment from this awesome game, it really is one of a kind, it has a quick learning curve and is quite cheap to purchase to boot. Well worth the price tag!

This game puts you in the boots of a random soldier on a battlefield of three opposing factions for control of strategic points on the maps, securing all of which brings your faction victory. If you die you are instantly given another soldier to control, the longer you live the more experience you gain! As you gain experience you will get promoted, unlocking a large assortment of skills, equipment and weapons! When you are promoted you gain a radio to call in backup via airdrop but if you continue ranking up you gain access to vehicle and supply drops and even air strikes!

Taking territory is infinitely more fun when you play in a team. Especially when you utilise each other's skills and armoury as a team. This was the main reason we created our server, so that we could all enjoy the game together, but we also wanted to try our hand at adding our own modifications into the game! Arkin worked hard on adding new admin commands and game play features, such as a waypoint system, into the game and made our server truly quite unique!

We all get together, when we find the time, to scramble over the large maps taking each base on the path to victory! We all have a laugh on teamspeak and have a really good time playing this game! Check it out on Steam today and join in the fun! :D


How to Join our Server!

Running with rifles actually has it's own server list/viewer in game and we can be found on this as shown below. :)

First click "Join Online Game" in the main menu. Then click "Public Server List."

Then look for the "Outbreak Gaming (Invasion)" server, one you have found it click on it then click "Join!" to join!

Alternatively you can connect directly by clicking "Manual IP" from the "Join Online Game" menu.

You can then type in our server IP which is "" then type the port "1238" into the port section.

Create yourself an account if you haven't played on the server before by entering a username in the username box and a password in the password box. Having an account will save your ranking up progress on our server so you can return any time you like and continue from where you left off. Once this is done click "Join!" to join the server.




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