How to Join our Server

Our server is now open to the pubic after years of being in a private (registered accounts only) state we are now at the stage where we feel Starbound is stable enough to be open to the general public. You no longer have to register an account and can instead just log into the server with a new character.


Please note that our server is a vanilla server and if you have any modifications installed the server won't let you log in to it. Please disable your mods before connecting to the server. This helps us keep the server stable and running smoothly.

Don't forget to read our rules thread! It has been posted below for your convenience.

Server Rules

Please take a few moments to read over the rules. They are fairly obvious for the most part but if everyone follows them our server will be a nicer place to play!

1) Be nice to others! Its not hard and it makes the server a better and happier place to be.

2) Don't use game modifications (mods) on our server. At the moment the server software is really unstable, we ask that you only use a vanilla client on our server so that we don't get constant errors streaming through the console. This will help the server stay online longer so ultimately more players can play on it. (Please note if we detect that you are using modifications when you log into the server we reserve the right to ban you there and then.)

3) Respect the administration team. We're just trying to make the server a fun place to play on, it takes up a lot of our free time so at least listen to us when we have something to say and refrain from making our job harder than it needs to be, because at the end of the day we're just here to play as well.

Current Administration Team:
Click Here!

4) If someone has spent a long time making a neat building, leave it alone. Don't tear it down or steal things from it. I'm sure if you find the person that made it they would give you the decorations you like from it. If you accidentally break something in someone's building just rebuild the parts that you broke. Its not hard, do on to others as you would want others to do to you.

5) Don't trash the spawn planet. I can restore it but its better if I don't have to. Create neat mines to help new players and replant trees so that everyone can always find wood. Doesn't take long to do and keeps the spawn planet neat for new players. :)

6) Don't spawn items in single player, play the game with others fairly, don't cheat. Just makes the game more fun, especially if we become a tight knit community of Starbounder's that can just party up with each other and play together. :)

7) Have a problem with someone? Don't fight with them! It just makes things worse. Just take a screenshot and post it on the player complaints board and we'll get it dealt with.

8) Don't spam chat, everyone has to use it and they cant if someone is spamming. Remember that you can use planet chat at times to reduce universe chat load.

9) Don't advertise other server IP addresses. Its disrespectful and will get you banned.

10) The use of colour codes or tags within player names in a way that feigns authority is strictly prohibited. Pretending to be a staff member on our server when you are not one will be result in your immediate removal from the server.

11) Have fun! We're all here to have a good time so enjoy playing with others!




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