Our Servers!

Running With Rifles Server:

Our humble Running with Rifles server is always there for everyone to jump in and play this extremely awesome game! It is currently running a pretty fun Zombie survival mode which can get pretty manic and is super fun when you have lots of people playing it at the same time. :)
This game is truly a hidden gem but we love playing it and are proud to host it on our server.

Starbound Server: / sb.outbreakgaming.co.uk

Starbound has finally released and I've updated our server to the latest version! Come and join us on our brand new and shiny Starbound server for a world of space adventures, monster slaying and dungeon delving! Team up with friends and explore the cosmos! Will you save or conquer the galaxy? Or will you struggle to survive on the planets below your broken and battered ship? Only time will tell in this epic new game from the mind of Ex-Terraria developer Tiyuri!

 Just chill out, play with others and have fun.

Team Fortress 2 Server:

Our first Team Fortress 2 server!  Features a pretty standard map rotation of everyone's favourite official team fortress 2 maps such as cp_gravelpit, cp_dustbowl, cp_granary, cp_well, ctf_2fort, tc_hydro, ctf_well, cp_badlands, pl_goldrush, cp_fastlane and ctf_turbine! There are cool features such as map voting for normal players and we aim to promote a friendly atmosphere for all players who play at our server. A nice server to play on if you are new to the game, our administration team will ensure that the server is fun for everyone and will keep out foul players that try to cause trouble!

 We have 32 slots for all your mental class based mayhem so download yourself a copy of team fortress 2 and come join in the fun!

Teamspeak Server:

Our TeamSpeak Server! Always full of our community players enjoying a joke and playing on our servers! We are generally a nice bunch, we don't bite, so come on in and join in the convocation! Please remember that we are a worldwide gaming community and we do not tolerate racism or the bullying of any community member using our teamspeak server, be nice and act civilly and you wont be banned from our teamspeak server.



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