Contributing Crowns/Materials to the Guild Hall

It is important that members of our guild give some Crowns to the guild every now and again. This will help us upgrade our HQ and will make it look truly awesome after time. Giving furniture and Crowns to the guild regularly will also greatly improve your chances of rank promotion. :)
Here I will write up a small guide on how to give to the guild as the feature is quite new and home new players might not understand it.

First enter our guild hall by either walking to the entrance via The Garrison or by opening your
activities menu (middle right hand side arrow) then click the "Go to Guild Hall" button.


When you have found your way to the guild hall you need to run straight up to the big console in the room in front of you.
Once you have found this console (shown below) press the attack button on it to open the menu you need to access.

Your menu won't show as many items as mine but you will need to click on the "Show Guild Treasury" button
shown on the left of the above image. This menu also shows you the upkeep cost. This is the cost it takes every week to keep the extra rooms we have created so we need to always make sure that the total is met.

This will give you the final menu you need to give some crowns or furniture to the guild. This menu also opens up your arsenal and shows you what the guild already owns to the left. From this menu you can drag and drop furniture from your arsenal into the blank part of the box and you can enter an amount of crowns that you would like to give in the 0 crowns part. Once you are happy with your donation just press the confirm button and it will transfer your donation to the vault where I can use it to upgrade our HQ to make it look even cooler!

Helping Other Guildies

Remember to help other guildies that are running missions, it gets you some extra crowns and could help them complete a mission they would have otherwise struggled with. Give back to the guild by helping others, especially if you have been helped yourself. It promotes the friendly and awesome atmosphere that we are very proud of in our guild. If you encounter a guild member that is complaining about not having enough crowns offer to do an arcade/boss run with them to raise the crowns that they need.

You can also help other guildies by giving/selling materials to them when they are short of what they need to craft their gear. I usually sell things to guildies for a little under what they sell for on the auction house. If you don't particularly need the full amount of crowns that you would get from the auction house it is sometimes nice to offer these items at "guildie rates" as you help them craft the gear they want but also get a quick sale and most of the crowns you would have got from selling at auction. Good things will come back to you for helping others like this, trust me. :)

Always remember to be friendly and supportive  when running missions with new players. Remember that new players may become frustrated when playing missions, especially if they go down in missions and you are unable to revive them (due to lack of sparks of life etc) please try to keep your cool and instead give them tips on how to improve their play style for example, by shielding more and by not rushing in to fights where they would be outnumbered.

Be the best guildie you can be and you will go far in this guild. :)

Guild Chat

Guild chat is an awesome extra chat channel that you can use in game. Anyone who is talking in guild chat will show
as green text in your chat window. To use guild chat simply type /g then type your message and hit enter. Everyone in the guild will see what
is entered in guild chat so please be respectful to other players and don't spam as others may be chatting in a mission and your
spamming will scroll the text they may want to read off of the chat. Use guild chat to organise mission or arcade runs or
if you need an item you could ask if any guild members have what you need.



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