Guild Rules

  1] Respect other players, be friendly and helpful.

  • Being rude or foul to our other members will get you kicked out of our guild very quickly. Be nice to our other members, answer each others questions and generally treat others how you would want to be treated by them.

   2] Do not beg around Haven or in guild chat.

  • Guild members will happily help you with missions if they can but this guild isn't a free meal ticket for free energy/crowns or gear. We believe in players earning what they want themselves, begging annoys other players and it makes us look bad and so we ask that you don't do it while in our guild.

   3] Be dedicated and loyal to the guild.

  • We ask that you only join our guild if you intend to stay in it. It is disheartening when a player leaves our guild for no reason, especially when we've done so much to help them. If you have been helped by our guild members we only ask that you consider sticking around to help others.

   4] Put your fellow guildies before anyone else.

  • If you see one of our guild members asking for help in guild chat please do your best to help them out. Join guild member games over games hosted by a friend, you can always invite them to join Outbreak with you. We say this because we want our guild to be a tight community of friends and if you ignore fellow guild members this won't happen.

   5] Scamming is forbidden.

  • Ripping off other guild members or players will get you removed from the guild. Conning/Deceiving others is low and it won't be tolerated.

   6] Hacking is forbidden.

  • We play fair. Using third party programs to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players will get you removed from the guild and reported to Three Rings staff.

   7] If you have access to our guild hall's design mode do not make layout changes without first consulting the guild master.

  • This is just because what you do in design mode saves for the next person that uses design mode so if a small change needs to be made and all the furniture has been messed up it would all need to be put back before the small change could be made.

   8] If you remove anything from the guild storage please put something of equal star value so there is always something there for others.

  • Please note that taking multiple items without putting anything back will get you demoted or removed from the guild. If you take everything and leave the guild you will be reported to spiral knights support which may mean your account is terminated.

   9] When using guild chat please talk in English and do not spam.

  • Please be sensible when talking in guild chat as it get broadcast to all guild members and if they are doing other things they might not want spam scrolling through their chat. Also please talk in English as it is the guild's main language and by sticking to it we can all understand each other. :)

   10] Do not ask guild masters/officers for promotions.

  • Promotions have to be earned, once you have fulfilled the necessary criteria to earn the rank you will be promoted. Please just be patient and be the best guild member that you can be and your efforts will not go unnoticed. Asking guild management for promotions all of the time is an easy way to annoy them and will most likely have the reverse effect.


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