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With around 20 to 30 guild members online 24/7 you will always have some body to play with if you decide to join our guild! All of our members are friendly, nice people who support other members of the guild. We chat about all sorts of things and most of us have a lot in common with other players. We accept players from all over the world and with so many people in our guild we find that everyone comes across another fellow guildie who gets along with them well. We also believe that anyone should be allowed to join our guild.

We were all new once and so we feel that new players are the beginnings of tomorrows great players. As seasoned veterans of spiral knights I feel we should look after newbies and usher in the new age of awesome spiral knights gamers. All in all we are a fun, relaxed guild to play in. If you want to hang out with awesome people and blast through a couple of missions that you have been stuck on this is definitely the guild for you! Stop by our guild hall or ask one of our members to forward your name to the guild master to join. :)


The Outbreak Gaming Spiral Knights Guild was founded 2 years ago just after Spiral Knights came out of Beta with the aim of helping new knights on their adventures through the clockworks. For the longest time the guild was a bit quiet as there wasn't much to do guild wise we had a total of 50 odd members that all helped each other run arcade and gain crowns. After the guild hall update and later with the missions update the guild exploded in popularity and today has an active roaster of around 200+ players. A lot of work has been put into our guild hall during this past year since the guild hall update dropped, we have all pitched in and have built everything up from an empty lobby to the impressive fortress that we have now. It is a monument to our teamwork and community spirit. One I am very proud of.

Our friendly members help each other with missions, helping knights of all ranks fight their way through the clockworks. Our Officers are professional and promote a good atmosphere in and around the guild. A lot of our members have commented on how nice it is to be in our guild and how they have never encountered another guild like it. We have an open door policy to recruiting, everyone is welcome. Every rank, any gear. We don't judge players on their rank or ability like other guilds do. We were all new once and as such the new players of today are the great players of tomorrow. We make the great players of tomorrow. :)



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