Our Starbound Server

We launched the Starbound server as soon as the game went into early access. It was a game that was eagerly anticipated throughout the community and one that we all couldn't wait to dive into. We have been keeping it up to date and have been working out the bugs and we are proud to say that our server is one of the most reliable and stable Starbound servers that is out there.

We plan to make our own modifications to add some really cool features into the game/server once it is nearer final release but we are also waiting for new server side features to be implemented by the Starbound development team. Features such as server side inventories that will mean that hacking items into the game will become harder and should keep out the trouble makers.

We have been seeing some really awesome stuff get built in our universe. From medieval settlements to massive sprawling laboratories and space stations. Everyone that has been playing on our server so far has been really friendly and we haven't needed to ban many people at all.

Unfortunately we don't allow any client side modifications on our server at the moment as most modifications cause issues for the server software at the moment which impacts performance. We kindly ask that you reframe from using client side modifications on our server until such a time where the server software can handle it. Thank you for your understanding. :)

All in all it's a very stable server with a friendly community of builders and planet explorers, if this sounds like the server for you think about joining us today!



How to Join the Server

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Here are a few of the awesome builds that have been made on our server. Click on the pictures below for higher resolution images.



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