Our Team Fortress 2 Server

Team Fortress 2 is a very popular, class based, free to play first person shooter that many of our community members play. I made the server shortly after opening our Minecraft server and we have played countless games on it in the many years it has been online. I think it is one of my favourite first person shooters and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think this is mostly down to the fun aesthetic of the game. We all tend to bundle into the server and play against each other from time to time but the context of the game is so light that no one is ever mad if their team loses due to it just being so much fun to actually play. Especially when we're all together as friends, our Team Fortress 2 nights are always filled with laughter.

We tend to run any new event maps on the server when they are released by Valve but we also have our other favourite base games maps running in the map rotation too. We are particularly fond of the Halloween style maps as they are all spooky and awesome looking. We even enable Halloween mode 24/7 so that everyone can use their awesome scary costumes whenever they play on our server!

Our server runs source mod which gives us access to awesome features and plug-ins such as a map voting system at the end of each game, a scoring and leader board system and even a play as the robot mod which allows you to play as the Man Vs Machine robot skin for your class when you type !robot into chat!

Not only this but it gives our staff access to lots of helpful commands and features that aids them in keeping a relaxed, positive atmosphere in our server!

We tend to run events and gaming nights on our server and all in all it is just generally a really nice server to play on. Especially when everyone is on teamspeak as well where we are all playing and are having a laugh together. Keep an eye on the event calendar or join our steam group to be in the know about such events.

We have also been known, on nights of a full moon, to all play on public servers using our zombie Halloween skins in events we have come to call Full Moon Outbreak events. These are always super fun, just to see the reaction of public players when an army of undead players with the outbreak gaming tag in their names join the server.

All in all Team Fortress 2 is definitely one of the best games on Steam and as it is Free to Play you really have no excuse not to download it and come join in with the class based mayhem that goes on in our server. :)

We hope to see you on future event nights! You can click the button below to join the server!

Remember to add us to your favourites! :)

Server Details

Server IP Address:
Slots: 32 Players

Current Map Rotation:
  1. pl_borneo
  2. cp_snowplow
  3. koth_suijin
  4. koth_harvest_event
  5. koth_badlands
  6. koth_king
  7. koth_harvest_final
  8. ctf_2fort
  9. koth_lakeside_final
  10. cp_manor_event
  11. ctf_turbine
  1. koth_nucleus
  2. koth_viaduct_event
  3. koth_sawmill
  4. koth_viaduct
  5. koth_lakeside_event
  6. pl_borneo
  7. plr_hightower_event
  8. cp_snowplow
  9. sd_doomsday_event
  10. koth_suijin





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