Mod Collection

Download Our Mod Pack!

You can find our server’s mod collection by clicking on the link below:

This will give you access to all of the awesome custom weapons and vehicles that we use on our server and will mean that you don’t see anyone running around with invisible equipment. 🙂
Join our Arma 3 Unit

Represent us in-game by Joining our Unit!

Want to show your OG spirit? Join the Outbreak Gaming Arma 3 Unit!

If you decide to join us you will receive the Outbreak Gaming Arma 3 patch (show below) and will gain the [OG] tag to your name!

ARMA 3 Store Page

Arma 3 Is a super fun game that we have been playing recently. It frequently goes on sale, normally for at least 50% off, especially in the major Steam sales. It’s well worth picking up if you would like to jump in and play it with us and and can be bought on Steam by clicking the button below.