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Outbreak Gaming is a non-profit gaming community, we believe free play is very important and we promise that our gaming servers will always be free and open to everyone! Our administration team puts in a lot of hard work into our servers and devote a lot of their free time into making sure that everyone is happy and that everyone is getting the most out of playing on our servers. All the work they do is completely voluntary. We do not force any mandatory charges on our players and as a result we do not pay our administrators. We do however feel that because we put all of our spare time into scripting, running and helping/ensuring players players have a good time that we shouldn’t be expected to pay out for the hosting equipment on top of all of this therefore we have set up this donation page in the hope that players that enjoy our severs help us out by donating.

You don’t have to donate to us, its alright if you can’t, we do understand, but for people who can please do as every little really does keep us running and keeps us supplying this wonderful service to so many people. Please rest assured that every penny you graciously give to us goes straight into the server and is spent on nothing else. We are thankful for all of our donators as without you none of this would be possible and we certainly wouldn’t still be around today. We are glad that you like what we are doing so much as to put your hand into your own pocket to keep us up and running and we hope our supporters will continue to stick by us as we strive forward in making our games better and better and our community stronger and stronger.

Thank you for supporting us.

~The Outbreak Staff~

Donation Details

When donating please make sure you specify what server/game you are donating to and what your In-Game Name is in the “Add special instructions to the seller” textbox on the last page of the PayPal donation form. This is so we know which server you play on and so we can apply any extra privileges on your account if we code extra features into our games for donators. Please note that some game severs only give you in-game donator status for a predetermined length of time and may require and minimum donation for you to obtain in-game perks so please read the donation information about the server/game you are donating to.

As an added bonus if you have a forum account on our forums you will be set as a donator for life so everyone can see that you have, past or presently, helped the server to stay online. Which is nice as we feel players should be thankful for donators because them donating means they get to continue playing on the server as well. [Because donators keep the server online.]

The donation button can be found at the bottom of this page!

Teamspeak Donator Perks

We have now set up a Donator/VIP user group on our TeamSpeak Server! This means that you can now donate for extra TeamSpeak Privileges! For just £5 a month you will be able to make your own channels, set passwords on your own channels, change your own description, set yourself as a priority speaker and more!

Play games with your friends in your very own channel, perfect for private team coordination without fear of being disrupted. Customise your channel completely! Change voice quality settings, optimise for music streaming, set channel description, name and icons! Please remember to include your TeamSpeak username in the special instructions box along with “Server: TeamSpeak” so I know that you are donating for a TeamSpeak donator account and so we can set you up as soon as possible!

Please remember that we need to pay for the server each month so a minimum of £5 is required for you to be eligible for a TeamSpeak donator account. This account will expire after 1 month from the day you are set and the account will return to normal guest status after this time.

Navigating the PayPal Donation Form

First enter the amount you wish to donate. [Please note to get the In-Game perks on some servers you may need to donate a minimum amount. Please check for the donation details on this page for the server you are playing on before you donate.] You can check the “Make this recurring” box if you want Paypal to donate for you every month like a subscription.

Once you have entered the total you wish to donate either log into PayPal or click the “Continue” link shown below. Clicking continue will let you donate using a card if you do not have a PayPal account.

If you clicked the “Continue” link you will be greeted with this form. Fill out your payment method and contact details and click the “Review Donation and Continue” Button.

Now after you have entered the above information or have logged in you will be greeted with the screen shown below. Click the “Add special instructions to the seller” button.

This will open a little text box like the one shown below, use this text box to type in your In-Game Name and what Server/Game you are donating to so that we can set up any account perks for your game account if applicable.

After you have done this click the “Donate £x.xx GBP Now” button to complete the donation. When we have confirmed that the donation has been successful we will add the donator perks to your in-game account and set your forum account member group to “Donator.”

Donation Button

Please remember to read this whole page before clicking on the donation button.

All donations are taken through the means of PayPal for a safe, flexible and secure transfer. You can donate by clicking the PayPal Button below. The button below will let you pledge your own amount. (Please remember that some donation perks are set at every £5. For example £5 gets you one months donator status, £10 gets you 2 months and so on and so forth.)

Thank you once again on behalf of the whole Outbreak Gaming Community.

~The Outbreak Staff~