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Planetside 2 Outfit

Planetside 2 Outfit
Outbreak Gaming

Download and install PlanetSide 2 and come play with our outfit on EU Cobalt! Our New Conglomerate outfit is full of friendly and skilled players, help us liberate Auraxis as we fight for freedom! This fast paced first person shooter features enormous online battles as you capture valuable facilities in order to gain resources and power in this epic struggle for victory. Think EA's Battlefield but bigger, with hundreds of players battling on each continent at the same time spread across three factions each containing their own vehicles, unique attributes and firepower. Squad up into teams or twelve or join a platoon up to forty-eight and take the fight to the enemy as you battle to take territory from the opposing factions! The best part is that this game is free to play! ​


Interested in joining? Great! We are always looking for more awesome troopers to fight a long side us! Recruitment is always open and anyone can join our ranks! New player? Not a problem! Our veterans will help you figure out how to play as we capture bases in our squads and platoons. If you ever have a question don't be afraid to speak up! Been playing Planetside for a while? You will be more than welcome too! We pride ourselves on teaming up and working together! We practise working in squads while utilising everyone's strengths to achieve victory on the battlefield! To join follow our quick guide below:

If you haven't already got an outfit press escape then click on the "Social" button at the bottom. Click "Outfit" on the left hand side. Then click "Find an Outfit."

After this click in the search bar at the top and type "outbreak gaming" next press enter and click apply our outfit when it appears. This will open up a little message box. Click "Accept" to submit your application and when one of our officers check for new applications you will be accepted into the outfit.

Alternatively you can ask us for an invite via Teamspeak or our Forum! 😀


PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS). Empires fight on a massive scale where soldiers battle in an all-out planetary war on a scale never before seen in stunning, breathtaking detail. PlanetSide 2 battles persist when thousands of players align in this game that challenges the skill and grit through intense land, air and vehicle gameplay.

Across four huge maps, players come together in enormous battles to win control of critical territories and key resources for their Empire. With an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system, players customize their soldier, weapons and vehicles to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or Empire. The world of PlanetSide 2 is massive and persistent with every soldier capable of making a difference.