Outbreak Gaming Staff

Outbreak Gaming Staff

On this page you can find our official staff list for the games we run on our servers and the guilds have set up on various games. All of our staff at Outbreak Gaming are volunteers, their continued contributions and support make our community as strong as it is today and without them all that we do here would be impossible. They are our peacekeepers, recruiters, artists and content creators. They put in their spare time to make our community an even greater place to be a part of and as such we should all be eternally grateful. This page is here so that they all get the gratification they deserve and so you always know who you can turn to if you should ever need one of us. 🙂

Starbound Server

CombatMedic02 – Manager
Cal – Moderator
King – Moderator
Jonas – Moderator
Marv – Moderator
No0bpawner – Moderator
RemoteCreeper – Moderator
Rika – Moderator
Xeny – Moderator
Zora – Moderator

Team Fortress 2 Server

CombatMedic02 – Manager
Arkin – Administrator

Spiral Knights Guild
(Outbreak Gaming)

CombatMedic02 – Guild Master
Arkin-Threshold – Officer
Boit – Officer
Eddiemeduza – Officer
Jimigen – Officer
King_Cobra – Officer
Worror-Cal – Officer
Ze-Purple – Officer

[Please don’t apply to be Spiral Knights Staff,
we have a recruitment process for this game.]


Warframe Clan
(Outbreak Gaming)

CombatMedic02 – Founder
ArkinOG – Officer
Blubberykollis – Officer
Cal34982 – Officer
Muireach – Officer
Rika – Officer


All Points Bulletin: Reloaded Clan

CombatMedic02 – Founder
OfficerZan – Founder
CryForPain – Officer
HDMZ – Officer



(YouTube Thumbnails and Elements/Website Graphics)



(For YouTube Videos)

YouTube Content Creators



Teamspeak Server

CombatMedic02 – Administrator
Arkin – Administrator
AssistingKnight – Moderator
Cal – Moderator
Rika – Moderator

[To become a TeamSpeak Moderator you must have staffed at least 2 of
our games for at least a month and be currently active on one of them. ]


Join the Team!

Interested in becoming Server/Guild Staff?

Want to help out on our servers or do more for our guilds? Apply to be part of the Outbreak Gaming staff team!
Sign up to our forums and post an application form by clicking here!

Please note that volunteering to become a staff member is a full time commitment, you have to be an active player of the game/server you are applying to moderate and put in at least a few hours a week into that game/server.

  • As an Outbreak Gaming Server/Guild Staff Member you will be expected to spend at least 2 hours a week in your chosen game(s) doing administration work. This essentially means at least 2 hours a week has to be dedicated to:
  1. Recruiting new players into the community/guilds.
  2. Dealing with any player issues that may arise.
  3. Raising awareness for your game server.
  4. Answering any questions community/guild members may have.
  5. Keeping the peace while playing. (Quelling any arguments that might arise etc)
  • If you are inactive on any game you are staffing for a long enough period of time community management reserves the right to suspend your duty. Please only apply to be on the staffing team if you are 100% serious about developing community presence on said game.
  • All Outbreak Gaming Staff must be able to show maturity and professionalism in situations that require it. We are all here to play and have fun but if an incident occurs while gaming staff must be able to step up to the situation and deal with it fairly and professionally.
  • All Outbreak Gaming Staff must represent the community in a positive light. Community management reserves the right to suspend duty of any staff member making the community look bad. Being staff doesn’t elevate you above other community members, you are accountable for your own actions just like everybody else. Abusing any power entrusted to you will also result immediate dismissal. If you want to be on the Staff Team you must be doing it for the right reasons. To fairly keep the peace and to help advance the community.